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Pharmacy Management System

Fully Responsive POS(point of sell) CMS

Created on : April 20, 2017

Updated on : April 30, 2017

Developed by: yourProgramming

Email: info.n121@gmail.com


Pharmacy Management System is complete solution for any kind of POS (Point of sell) Management. This CMS Includes almost everything needed in a pharmacy. We made this fully responsive so that every device can get an access. We use Codeigniter as a framework. It`s the most popular framework of php around the world. In the system an admin can manage complete website without single line of coding knowledge. This Pharmacy Management System allows multiple admin and multiple cashier. admin can observe whatever a cashier doing what? How many sells posts by a cashier? etc. Cashier can only sell products but can`t delete anything form the system

Key Features

  • Easy Installation.
  • 100% Dynamic Management System.
  • Bootstrap based fully responsive design for any device.
  • Unique design
  • Clean code and secure editable by any simple developer
  • Codeigniter, most popular php framework used
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Multi Currency Support.
  • Multi Country Support.
  • Built-in Pagination System.
  • Special security against session hijacking.
  • Multiple admin system (Administrator and cashier).
  • Report over every activities.
  • Change everything such as logo, site title, currency, Country etc from admin panel.
  • and much more...


Step 1 : Upload project.zip file to server and extract.

Step 2 : Create MySQL database and import pharmacy.sql from database folder.

Step 3 : Change Database Information into apps > config > database.php file.

Step 4 : Run your website admin panel by this URL: http://yourDomain.com/

Step 5 : Login into admin panel using this details,   Email: admin@gmail.com Password: 123

Step 6 : Now set-up your information. Click General Settingsfrom left side menu and replace all your information


For admin : An admin can do every thing over the system. Add cashier to system, sell or check sells etc.

For Cashier : A cashier can only can sell products. Can`t delete anything. He has a limited of access


Click on New Sells from left menu. Choose products & quantity and click on Add item button. Selected items will be shown below. After completing the item click on CHECK NOW button. A pop-up will appear. Enter the amount of money has given a customer for all the selected items..

After entering the amount of money the New page like below photo will appear. You may print the bill paper. After you getting your full payment click on Save and back button. That`s all. This how a sell has completely done.


Click on Products form the left menu. All products list will be shown.

All storage info here. How many quantity of a product has, how may has sold, who supplied the product, product brand etc.

Click on Add new product form the right side. New page will appear for uploading new product like below photo. Fill up all the fields. New products will be uploaded


Click on Suppliers form the left menu. Supplier list will be shown. As like below photo

Click on New supplier form the right side. New page will appear like below photo. Fill up all the fields. New supplier will be added to the system


Click on Referrers form the left menu. Referrers list will be shown. As like below photo

Click on New Referrer form the right side. New page will appear like below photo. Fill up all the fields. New referrer will be added to the system

Sells Query

Click on Sells Query button form the left menu. A page will be shown. As like below photo. Select From date and To date and click Search button

Invoice Inventory

Click on Invoice Query button form the left menu. A page will be shown as like below photo.If you need to check a receipt details type Invoice number (Receipt number) it will show that invoice details

System backup

Click on backup button form the left menu. click on chekbox button if you want to send a database backup to an e-mail address and click on Take a backup. button. If you don`t check email button it may save a backup file inside the system in "db_backup" folder

E-mail Management

Click on E-mail Request button form the left menu. E-mail

If you are Admin you may send email to any email address via your domain. It is must to have an internet connection to send email request. If you send email to nay of your cashier with this system, it does not require a net connection

An admin can save some message as draft but a cashier can`t

If you are Cashier You can send email only to admin for any problem, suggestion or something else

General Settings

Click on General Settings button form the left menu. Set all the information about your system. Currency, Country, Time zone etc very carefully


Click on Update profile button form the left menu.

If you are an admin you have all the access

If you are a cashier you can only change your photo. Nothing else


Click on Logout button whenever you get off

It will help to make our system healthy. It will redirect you Login page

Developer Support

You are Always Welcome to us. With any problem, to install or to understand any thing over the project. If you have any curiosity, please contact us freely! We are bound to help you!

Thank You


Mail us at: info.n121@gmail.com

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